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What We Stand For

We believe that every child develops at their own pace, and it is our goal is to assist each child in fostering a deeper understanding of themselves and allowing each child to develop into their fullest potential in all aspects of development and growth.

Our Philosophy at Billie’s

It is a known fact that after birth, brain cells begin to establish trillions of connections. These connecting synapses form the brain’s “maps” that govern thought, feelings, and behavior. Brain cells analyze, coordinate, and transmit information. The brain learns and remembers throughout life by constantly changing these networks as it receives input from its environment. Although parents pass on a variety of characteristics to their children through their genes, the environment plays a major role in developing a child’s unique personality by shaping the expression of those genes.

You call it learning – we call it fun

At Billie’s Busy Kids Child Care and Preschool our commitment to each child is to create a fun and safe learning environment that allows your child to nurture and explore at their own unique level of development.


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