About Billie’s Busy Kids

our mission

What We Stand For

At Billie’s Busy Kids Child Care and Preschool our commitment to each child is to create a fun and safe learning environment that allows your child to nurture and explore at their own unique level of development.

We believe that every child develops at their own pace, and it is our goal is to assist each child in fostering a deeper understanding of themselves and allowing each child to develop into their fullest potential in all aspects of development and growth.


our mission

We Are Providing An Environment For Out Students To Grow & Excel

We do this through observation of each child, planning the environment around the children we serve, then executing play, and assisting the children in exploring the environment to develop a deeper understanding. We use an Emergent Curriculum style that allows the teacher to be the facilitator of the environment as the children help mold the curriculum through exploration.

In creating the environments we are using several different theory based principals.