Our Philosophy At Billie’s


It is a known fact that after birth, brain cells begin to establish trillions of connections. These connecting synapses form the brain’s “maps” that govern thought, feelings, and behavior. Brain cells analyze, coordinate, and transmit information. The brain learns and remembers throughout life by constantly changing these networks as it receives input from its environment. Although parents pass on a variety of characteristics to their children through their genes, the environment plays a major role in developing a child’s unique personality by shaping the expression of those genes.

External influences, from conception onward, offer the brain the intellectual, emotional, social, and physical experiences that make learning and memory possible. At Billie’s Busy Kids, Early-Learning is our passion. We are committed to providing safe, engaging environments that truly support the growth and development of the whole child.

We do this through observation, quality of interactions with each child and engaging age appropriate environments. We plan our environments to promote exploration, self-expression and play. In creating the environments as well as curriculum we are using several different theory-based principals including those from Maria Montessori, the Reggio Emilia approach and theories from Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences.

Our inquiry based Emergent Curriculum style allows the teacher to be the facilitator within the environment as the children help mold the curriculum through exploration and interactions.

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“…great strides have been made in understanding how very young children learn and how their brains develop. With our new knowledge comes new pressure … to stimulate our youngest children— in just the “right” ways…. But children learn more from the full complexity of their spontaneous interactions with parents than from any pre-packaged program.”

— Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, MD, Author and Pediatrician