Billie’s Busy Kids

Pre-Kindergarten Room

Are you afraid that your child won’t be successful in kindergarten? Having an education problem is one of the parent’s worst nightmares. Everyone is dedicated to their child’s success, but they are torn between everyday working-life routine and the desire to be fully involved with their child’s life. How to manage everything in just 24 h per day? Sacrificing your child’s future is not an option you want to choose.

We are here to fix this problem. Our Pre-kindergarten program is an important stepping stone to kindergarten success. In our curriculum, children learn independently and in groups to maximize their development. Effective communication and collaboration skills are one of our priorities. In a relaxed environment with experienced and motivated teachers, children learn through play, driven by their interests. With hands-on experiences, they are exploring the world. Supported with sound and age-appropriate games, they are developing new essential skills:

children that study from book
kid that make jigsaw puzzle

Problem-solving: Compared to preschool, children are working on more in-depth projects with their peers where they face bigger challenges. Problems are not obstacles but a driving engine for another success and gaining new confidence. Solving them is a reward for the effort put in the process in which they also gain a deeper understanding of cause and effect, increasing their thirst for new knowledge.

Responsive listening: Children are engaged and interested in the conversation, where they can be active and ask questions. A teacher is here to tell something new and interesting and establish a 2way communication with them. Developing nonverbal communication is also present and important in mutual group members’ understanding.
children that study from teacher leson
two girls
Social and collaborative skills: Interacting with one another, children learn to socialize with other children. Learning thru playing, they discover the benefits of collaboration with every successful game task.
Making art and playing music: These are children’s most creative years. They express them in all kinds of art. We are following their natural directions and encouraging them to express their talent.
kids paint with brushes and palette colors
kids play with balls

Achieving so many new skills and expanding the existing ones will have a fantastic effect on your child. It will be more than ready for kindergarten. The reason for your worries will disappear. You will be confident that your child is on the right education path.

That will help you to be better as a parent, in the marriage, and to achieve the success you deserve at work. Your child’s successful education will unlock a wide range of opportunities for success in life.

Be free to contact us for any additional details about our pre-kindergarten program.