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Preschool Room

As a parent, you want the best education for your child. You know that your child’s future success depends on today’s preschool learning. Our team of educated and experienced teachers use tried and tested, science-based principles with a unique approach for every single child. Building your child’s confidence and activating its creativity will boost its capabilities for developing all skills essential for its future academic progress.

Our preschool classroom is a large, warm room filled items that are easy to manipulate, explore, snuggle, play with and share. It is divided into carefully planned interest areas with the following learning centers:

girl that study English alphabet
girl that sit and study from book

Literacy: That’s the place where a great adventure of reading starts. Surrounded by the brightly illustrated books placed on low shelves, children can explore the magical world of books. They can choose a book and lounge on the large comfortable colorful cushions listening to the teacher’s reading. Usually, they will gesture intently while the teacher reads their favorite story.

In this cozy and comfortable surroundings children will start their love for literature. Sometimes chairs and small tables with crayons, markers, and papers can be used for writing and drawing.

Dramatic play or housekeeping: Here children can experiment with different roles as they explore the familiar and the unknown through role play. The area is filled with props and dress-up clothes to encourage imagination.

Every day it can be something else: from a kitchen with a play stove or a post office to a restaurant or even an airplane. Children will learn to cooperate with other children, to share, and to make compromises. Through such playing, they will practice verbal skills and develop knowledge of symbol representation that will help the development of reading and writing.

kids with different masks
exercises and reading through game

Manipulative play: One child is carefully stringing beads into colorful patterns, a second is building a complex structure out of Legos, and a third is putting together a puzzle.

Here, shelves are filled with puzzles, pegboards, beads, and other small construction toys. Perfect for developing fine motor skills, hand/eye coordination, and practicing problem-solving abilities.

Blocks: Two children are working together to build “the highest tower in the whole world.” A girl is constructing a bridge, and a boy is loading little people into cars for a journey over the girl’s bridge and down the road he has just completed. On the shelves, children can find wooden blocks of different sizes and shapes arranged along with small cars and an assortment of “little people.” They encourage them to build replicas of their world or creations of their imaginations as they practice symbolic representation.

By doing so, they are developing an understanding of the relationships between size and shape and the basic math concepts of geometry and numbers.

two children that study
art class in kindergarten
Art: On the shelves and tables, children can find so many raw materials for creativity like colored paper, crayons, markers, tape, paste, and safety scissors. They can make art projects independently or simultaneously as a part of a class activity. Children are not only being creative, but they are developing small muscle control and hand/eye coordination. Most importantly, they learn to be artistically expressive as individuals and as parts of a group.
Large Group/Circle time Rug: The place where the entire class gathers to listen to the teachers as they read a story or explain an upcoming project. Very often, the rug area is the place where children begin or end the day.
English alphabet study class
two children watering plants

Sensory: While one child is experimenting at the water table to find out what floats and what sinks, the other one is pouring sand through a funnel into containers of different sizes. Water and sand tables are equipped with boats, cups, funnels, and sieves. All that equipment is there to encourage children to explore mediums, to understand the physical world, and to develop concepts underlying math and physics.

Science: While one child may plant a seed in a pot, the other one measures the temperature in the plant and bug aquarium. It is a place for plants, classroom pets, and aquariums. The teacher can also add some interesting objects from nature, such as leaves, rocks, and seashells. Children are free to examine or to use paper and markers to draw them—everything in the name of science.

Outdoor playground is an enclosed area with structures for climbing and balancing and balls of different sizes. It is a safe space that encourages large muscle control and coordination. 

kid play in the sand
game time with teacher

The complete design of the preschool classroom encourages your child’s natural curiosity and desire to learn about the world. It is a safe place for them to explore the world in a group setting.

Low partitions often separate the areas, but children can move freely among them. Specific skills that lead to reading, writing, and math are not confined to one specific center but they are reinforced in all of them through communication, exploration, and play.

Here your child will begin the process of transitioning into an independent learner with a smile on its face.

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