Billie’s Busy Kids

The Toddler Room

Dear toddler-parents: how would you like to rest for several hours per day from hands-on care? What if there’s a safe, cozy place where your child can interact with other toddlers and learn through guided games of exploration.

Instead of wondering how to keep your child engaged and set it on a path of growth, you can rely on Billie’s Busy Kids kindergarten. Our trained staff and tailor-made facilities offer everything your child needs for a healthy & fun early childhood.

The space and furnishing are well-organized to stimulate exploration, experimentation, discovery, and conceptual learning.

The teaching staff reorganizes the environment when necessary to help children explore new concepts and topics, sustain their activities, and extend their learning.

The toddler classroom is carefully designed with special interest areas to support their sense of wonder and growing independence.

children play with wooden toys
kid play with dices

Busy Blocks Gross Motor and Movement: Blocks of different sizes, textures, and shapes are arranged on low shelves along with cars and an assortment of animals and people. Children practice using fine motor skills, develop gross motor muscles, practice problem solving, and gain exposure to shapes, colors, and sizes. All of that while using their imaginations and learning to cooperate with friends.

Dramatic Play: Here children are free to engage in role-playing activities using props. From dress-ups to puppets, children are encouraged to use their imaginations to explore budding social skills and negotiate social interactions with friends. Children observe their peers, learn to identify emotions, begin to verbalize ideas and expand their vocabulary of everyday items, thoughts, and ideas.

children laying with masks
kid read from book

Snuggle Rug and Reading: A cozy room area that allows children a space to retreat to for some quiet time and encourages children to develop early language/literacy skills through the use of books and soft toys. Low bookshelves are available for children to explore, baskets of reading “buddies” are available to snuggle, cozy pillows line the wall, and an eager teacher is always willing to sit and read a story or sing favorite songs with the group.

Here children explore and expand vocabulary, play with sounds in songs and rhymes, observe and label objects in books, learn how to use and respect books, and find comfort in soft objects and soothing spots to sit.

Creation Station Messy Fun: There is no better way for our youngest learners to learn about your world and their world than to experience it through all their senses. This area is designed to encourage children to express themselves and be creative through art and heighten their sensory awareness through a variety of sensory-oriented activities. From paint, crayons, markers, and dough to the fun of tabletop water play, children can explore a wide variety of safe materials.

children have fun
outdoor play

Outdoor Explorations are a significant part of every day. Washington weather can be rainy and shiny in the year-round circle offering plenty of opportunities for gross motor engagement and development. Our outdoor play space offers a safe, enclosed area for children to exercise while playing in the fresh air. A variety of objects to push, pull, roll, build and carry are available to explore. Children can, walk, balance, and climb in safe soft surroundings. A small garden lies within the toddler play area and brings with its a sense of calm and natural wonders.

children and teacher that have fun

With so many inspiring things, a time spent in our toddlers’ classroom will make a tremendous positive impact on your child’s development. Toddlers will learn new things through play and positive socialization in an inspiring environment. And their parents can finally take some concerns away. 

In the end, a happier child that develops faster, and you have several hours a day recovered that you can invest in a career or rest – that is the winning combination. 

Contact us for more details about our learning center.